New Year’s resolution

Happy new year! May it bring an abundance of quality walks, belly rubs and salmon treats to everyone!

On December 31st I spent part of my afternoon next to Rio Formosa pondering about my accomplishments over 2016 and resolutions for 2017. In light of all the fuss I caused over the holidays, as my humans and I enjoyed the hospitality (and unattended plates) of others,  I resolve to become less of a “spoiled little brat” in 2017. Whatever that means.


back to Arrabida

Last weekend we re-visited the Natural Park of Arrabida where I spent my first weekend with my family. Many things have changed since then – the brits voted to exit the EU, Donald Trump got elected as president,New Jersey required pet stores to sell only rescue animals, the Moran dog-meat market shut down, I gained a bit of weight, but a few things remained the same.

  1. My mama still thinks I’m the cutest.


2. The park is just as beautiful as I remembered it.


3. My kind is still not allowed to enter the Praia do Portinho during the summer season. So I made sure to dig holes and roll around in the sand while I still can.


How come cats don’t face similar restrictions? DiscrimiNation.

the Michael Phelps of Portugal

I spent most of my summer preparing for the next Summer Olympics. I raised my fondness of water from rolling around in the puddles, to jumping into every water installation in my city, and then even ventured into lakes. The ocean is still a bit too waive-y for me. If the gods of animal quarantine rules permit me, I shall be taking Michael Phelps on in Tokyo.

family tree: part 2

Mama? Is that you?

beagle 1

My other ancestor was definitely a Beagle. I act and look like one. When I am allowed to ramble around freely, I get very carried away by my hunting instincts and respond haphazardly to recalls. I mean, I tend to keep an eye/ear on my humans and come eventually, but not entirely on their terms. I still have a lot of progress to do in this respect.

My humans also like to point out that I often expose the notorious Beagle stares. Here’s one that I use commonly, particularly when they are taking a lot of time to get ready to go outside. They still have a lot of progress to do in that respect.

beagle 2

What about the shedding? Neither podengos, nor beagles are supposed to shed a lot. And yet, it looks like snowfall when I get up from the bed or couch. Most annoyingly, I can not hear the end of it!