fearless in Sagres

Last week we finally managed to spend some time in Algarve. Such a beautiful part of our planet!

As I sometimes whine out of sheer excitement and might give the impression that I am a wimp, I figured that this might be a good opportunity to showcase just how brave I am.

Not afraid of heights …


… water …


… or scary sounds coming out of the ground.


New Year’s resolution

Happy new year! May it bring an abundance of quality walks, belly rubs and salmon treats to everyone!

On December 31st I spent part of my afternoon next to Rio Formosa pondering about my accomplishments over 2016 and resolutions for 2017. In light of all the fuss I caused over the holidays, as my humans and I enjoyed the hospitality (and unattended plates) of others,  I resolve to become less of a “spoiled little brat” in 2017. Whatever that means.

back to Arrabida

Last weekend we re-visited the Natural Park of Arrabida where I spent my first weekend with my family. Many things have changed since then – the brits voted to exit the EU, Donald Trump got elected as president,New Jersey required pet stores to sell only rescue animals, the Moran dog-meat market shut down, I gained a bit of weight, but a few things remained the same.

  1. My mama still thinks I’m the cutest.


2. The park is just as beautiful as I remembered it.


3. My kind is still not allowed to enter the Praia do Portinho during the summer season. So I made sure to dig holes and roll around in the sand while I still can.


How come cats don’t face similar restrictions? DiscrimiNation.

the Michael Phelps of Portugal

I spent most of my summer preparing for the next Summer Olympics. I raised my fondness of water from rolling around in the puddles, to jumping into every water installation in my city, and then even ventured into lakes. The ocean is still a bit too waive-y for me. If the gods of animal quarantine rules permit me, I shall be taking Michael Phelps on in Tokyo.