As most other rescue dogs, I have many new things to discover, from the security of a home to the softness of the sofa cushion, as well as behavioral  challenges to overcome. This is a platform to share my stories …

… and my resume.


Whistle twice after calling my name


Pumpkin Smelling Den, Corridor of Children’s Noises, Automated Garrage Street


School of Pack Management at “Milu’s Corner” Shelter

Specialization in Mischief Leadership and Motivational Barking

Work Experience:

  1. Security Guard
  2. Inspector of Bird and Frog Behaviour
  3. Recycling Agent of Plastic and Paper Materials
  4. Chief Mischief Officer (CMO)


anxiety when left alone, nibbling on street thrash, barking at men


intelligence, curiosity, courage …. personal charm!!!


tail wagging, belly rubs, sock stealing, hole digging, walks in the park


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