fearless in Sagres

Last week we finally managed to spend some time in Algarve. Such a beautiful part of our planet!

As I sometimes whine out of sheer excitement and might give the impression that I am a wimp, I figured that this might be a good opportunity to showcase just how brave I am.

Not afraid of heights …


… water …


… or scary sounds coming out of the ground.


New Year’s resolution

Happy new year! May it bring an abundance of quality walks, belly rubs and salmon treats to everyone!

On December 31st I spent part of my afternoon next to Rio Formosa pondering about my accomplishments over 2016 and resolutions for 2017. In light of all the fuss I caused over the holidays, as my humans and I enjoyed the hospitality (and unattended plates) of others,  I resolve to become less of a “spoiled little brat” in 2017. Whatever that means.