taking over the bed

When my people brought me into their home, they were all about how clear and consistent they will be about the rules. “No sleeping on the bed” was on the top of the list. Here is a three-stage method to change rules that you don’t like – exemplified by my success with taking over the bed.

  1. Do the research. Start by paying close attention to your people’s behaviours to identify their weaknesses. Get familiar with their going to bed and waking up habits. Observe which one of your people spends most time rubbing your belly or sneaks you treats under the dinner table.
  2. Start breaking the rule when you are likely to face the least resistance.  Start sneaking up on the bed just before wake-up time. They will still be sleepy and eager to maximize their remaining sleeping time. Limit these efforts first to the side of the tummy-rubber.
  3. Gradually expand your non-compliance with the rule.  Continue sneaking on the bed earlier and for longer time periods. They will soon realize that they are not practicing what they preach, and will change what they preach.


alomtundik 2


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