i steal things from the kitchen counter

I generally don’t beg …. much ….. but have a weakness for food left unattended on the kitchen counter. I once stole an entire pack of cheese and the consequences were pretty disastrous. It was the hard way to discover that we – dogs – become lactose intolerants as adults. We all learned lessons from that experience. My people now almost never leave any food on the kitchen counters …. almost ….


i eat pumpkin

And not because it is almost Halloween. I eat it because I have digestion issues and the pumpkin adds fiber to my diet. Let’s not tip-toe around it too much – I have soft stools when I only eat kibble. There. Besides, I really like the taste of mashed pumpkin mixed with my humid food. It is my afternoon delight.

i get anxious when left alone

Like many other dogs that had already been abandoned before, I suffer from separation anxiety. You should see the tantrum I throw when my people have to leave me at home. I whine and bark, and do things that no landlord should ever hear about!! I don’t even eat all my treats which I normally gobble down in seconds. So I generally follow my people like a ghost to make sure that I don’t go through that kind of embarrassment. No self-respecting dog leaves treats laying on the floor.

my people

My people adore me. They sit at their tables for long hours – something they call “work” – but take me to walks and play with me on a regular basis. The primary language in our den is english, but am no stranger to portuguese or hungarian either. I don’t let them go anywhere without me.

the second day

I eased into the whole adoption thing when I discovered that the two humans also love the outdoors, give excellent neck and bellyrubs, and are no strangers to offering treats. We practically became family by the second day. They even gave me a bath! I then fell asleep in the afternoon and slept like a hibernating bear until next morning. Like a bear, not baby, because I snored and grunted. 

the first day

Everything was so new on the first day. I am generally a confident dog but had to make sure that there are no kittens or whatnots hidden anywhere in the apartment. So I sniffed everything. I was especially cautious around the two two-legged creatures – no reaching towards the kitchen counter on the first day! The first night I was so nervous that I barely slept. I woke up several times to make sure that my new non-furry friends are still there.

my origins

The starting point of my story is O Cantinho da Milu, a private shelter for dogs established in the proximity of Lisbon. If you look carefully you will see my tail and butt on the cover photo of their Facebook account. Can you see it?!! In the very back? Left corner!?? I am practically famous. My people had found this place through dogsofportugal where they had discovered my profile. They then eventually came to see me in person and now say that it was love at first sight. On their part. 

Me? Not so much. I was in the middle of a motivational barking session so I did not pay them too much attention. I even growled when my fellow comrades interfered during our first encounter – raising slight concerns that I might be a bit over confident. … Our first ride was not a walk down on the red carpet either. They gave me some bitter buttons to swallow as we were leaving the shelter – apparently, part of procedures – and the car wobbled around so much. No wonder I threw up on the shift gearbox. Twice. The entire car smelled like my vomit for weeks.