hooman is home!!

I have several rituals that I perform when my humans get home. This is the one I do when only one human has been away and he came back on time. Any divergence from this – two humans or tardiness – is generally met with vocalizations of my discontent.

IMG_20180402_193722252 (1).jpg


Easter in Braga

I spent Easter visiting my Portuguese relatives in Braga. My Hungarian family lives a bit further away but I love them just as much, especially my furry cousin Miu-Miu. One would think that on such visits I will take greater advantage of the garden, but I spent most of the time in the kitchen, begging for food and belly rubs. I even put on an Easter tie for extra charm and effectiveness. It was hard work, after two days of getting back home, I am still catching up with my cuteness sleep.


“What is that smell from the kitchen?” …”Gimme! Please! Mufu is starving.”

…………………….   In the city.       …………………………..             Monument.   …………………….

a mufu

My people finally discovered that I am not really a dog, nor a human, but a mufu. A mufu is a specie of its own, related to canines, but with the added softness, sweetness and cuteness of a muffin (hence the name mufu) and an amazing capacity to delight humans with its ridiculousness. A mufu, for example, takes over its humans’ bed, pillow and blanket, during the night; tries to empty school children’s lunchboxes during morning encounters; or fartsies non-stop over three-hour rides in a small car. The mufu also has unrealistically soft fur, presumably to trick bunnies with its appearance; is always available for kisses, even when awoken from deepest sleep; and is always always hungry.

gerbeaud bedgerbeaud bed 2

in Parque das Nações

As much as I enjoy going on trips and having adventures, I especially like to stay home and go for walks in my neighbourhood.

After all, this is the place where I know where the best peeing spots are, which dogs to avoid and which ones to say hello to, where is most likely to come across some leftovers, and in which bushes do the blackbirds hide.

I know all the best resting spots:

Gerbeaud with bandana

Can listen to Jazz in the park:

Gerbeaud at Jazz Concert

And am the number 1 dog of the neighborhood:

Gerbeaud nr 1 in PN



In addition to making new friends and spending time with old ones, I have of course also continued my riguros training for the Canine Swimming Championship.

Training in my neighbourhood:

This year, I have in fact reached a new level of performance and started swimming in the ocean. It was not easy, as the waves are sometimes very big and I am a bit afraid of them.

Warming up and building upper body strength:

“Should I stay or should I go?”

I go.


This summer I also met a wonderful new friend, Camila. She was in the care of the Associação Zóofila Portuguesa, an association dedicated to promoting the welfare of animals in Portugal. Camila was taken in by AZP after an unfortunate incident on the streets of Lisbon that made it clear that she needs protection and special care.

Camila is a very sweet and gentle dog. While I am generally aloof with other dogs, I became quite fond of her. She used to smell my ears ever so gently, very respectful of the fact that I like to have my personal space.

We both love to roll around and expose our bellies to the sun. 🙂

We enjoyed several wonderful walks through Parque Eduardo VII together.

Camilla and Gerbeaud_.4jpgCamilla and Gerbeaud_3

Even though I generally don’t like to stop, I waited patiently whenever she got tired and needed to rest.

Fortunately, Camila’s luck struck and some generous people from Sintra offered her a home. We still hope to cross paths with her in Sintra or in Parque das Nações …